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Arenys de Munt, Catalonia - ES
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Espanhol - Castelhano (Espanha)

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25 años de experiencia en radio y television siendo actualmente y desde hace mas de 20 años la voz oficial de programas documentales informativos de TV3 (television de Cataluña) y de algunas producciones de Cuatro, television del Grupo Prisa, ademas de voz en off para productoras privadas y emisoras de radio.

25 years of experience in radio and television being at the moment the official voice of programs of "TV3" (Catalonia television) and of some productions of "CUATRO", television of the "PRISA Group", in addition to voice in off for private producers and radio transmitters in Spain. Lawyer in the technical school of radio and television. Great experience in mass media. 25 years. ATTENTION!! NEW SOUND, MORE QUALITY I have my own studio with ProTools 8, Digi003, Command 8 Control surface, Digidesign processors included on ProTools, Focusrite tube mic pre-amp, AKG C 4000 B studio microphones. There exists the possibility of recording via SOURCE CONNECT in my studio and I have contacts with a studio that offers ISDN service. Only there must be paid the cost of rent of recording room per hours. Normally provide audio to my clients via E-MAIL attachments and FTP, usually at same day or on less than 24 hour turnaround.